How am I Using the to Improve My English


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I think singing a song is one of the good ways to learn new English words and phrases. Also, you can repeat your new words and phrases easily. Because rhythm in the song will help you to remember the lyrics of the songs.

Here's how am I use to improve my English.

  1. Choose a song that you like the beat.
    If you don't know any English songs, at first it could be hard to choose a song but no worry. You can search on Google for example, "the best English songs in 2020". You're going to see many songs. Well, now you can choose one of them.

  2. Only listen to it.
    And now only listen to the song that you choose. If it has a clip you can watch it. If there are words you don't know no worry. Only listen to it. Do you like the song? Let's continue then.

    Image-2: Karaoke mode.

  3. Open the song on and select Karaoke.
    Well, now only focus on the lyrics of the song. And also analyze the words and phrases that you don't know.

    Well, I think now you will understand the things mentioned in the song. But also can be some words you don't know. It's normal.

  4. Try to sing the song with and fill the blanks in the lyrics.
    Now quit Karaoke and select a game mode (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert), fill in the random words, and try to sing the song. Try to say the words of the song like the singer. I know at the beginning it will a little hard but you don't give up. Only try to say the words and fill the blanks.

  5. A few days later...
    A few days later try to sing the song without lyrics. And also you can select the expert mode now and fill all the words in the lyric.
Don't forget, learning is a process.

When you memorize the song's lyrics already, you will use the words you learned from the song. Sometimes you will hear the same words in other songs or articles and you will be happy to know that words.

Until the next blog post, take care.