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Success Can Be a Piece of Luck?

The picture is from What do you think about luck? And what do you think about success? Success can be a piece of luck? In my opinion, every lucky person is hardworking about their job, if you think some people are not hardworking but also lucky, then I can say it's not a success. So, I mean success only comes with your work about it. If you didn't work and you got your job without working about it, I'm sorry it's not a success. I think every successful work hides behind them a plan. If you want to finish your any work within success you have to make a plan. And every good plan will make you a lucky person. But, something just occurred to me, if you have a plan, you have to implement your plan. You have to act with your plan. If you can't implement your plan, a stand-alone plan cannot carry you to success. So, finally, I will say; success cannot be a piece of luck. Success only can be a piece of a good viable plan. If you want to write your opinion you c