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Bad Plan is Better Than No Plan

Image Sometimes everything goes down or sometimes everything could be super good. I think, at these times we cannot see the process and at that time we can forget something that we need to finish. Because of the peak points of feel, our mind can change our focus in a way that we do not want at that moment. In my opinion, because of that, we need a plan. Maybe our plan cannot be good enough but every plan can be better than no plan. If we have any plan, we can focus on what we need to focus on at that moment. It means, your focus can change with your feelings but if you have any plan you can focus on what you need again. If we have any plan, we can design our process from beginning to finish and change the process we don't like. So, if something blocks you to do your business, you have to know that if you have any plan you can change or redesign again your plan. Who has any plan can spend time with his or her hobbies freely. I think hobbies are expensive in many wa