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How Can I Think in English? How to Think in English

When I began to learn English, everyone said to me: "If you want to learn and speak quickly, you need to think in English, not your mother language." Then, I thought about it. How can I think in English? I was reading something in English. And I was listening and watching something in English mostly on YouTube. What can I do more than that? I tried to research on Google. And the first result was like that: "You need to live in a country that people speak English." But how? I have no money to live in another country. I need more basic things than that result. I continued to research. The second result was like that: "Around of you have to be English words. Like your phone and computer languages has to be English." At first, it was a frightening thing for me, but I didn't care. I changed the settings of the language on my phone and computer. But still, I needed more suggestions. When I continued to research, I found a few more suggestions. These suggesti