What Am I Doing to Improve My English Skills? - Improving English Skills - Listening - Speaking - Writing - Reading

I am going to write directly about what I am doing to improve my English skills. So, you should know it. When I was at the beginner level, I was mostly studying grammar. But now, I don't care. Now, I'm only focusing to understand what I'm reading or listening to and what I'm speaking and how can I speak better.

So, we can start with the grammar. Is it important?

I think yeah, grammar is important but not that much. So, if I know what is the difference between "I will do" and "I did" or the difference between the other basic and important things, of course, it's enough. But if I want to speak about politics, science, or other specific topics, so I mean except the daily life conversation, of course, I need to learn more grammar.

Well, for now, I don't need to learn more grammar.


How can we improve our writing skills? Of course, by typing... So, I usually choose a topic and write about it a blog every month nowadays. And I check them with Grammarly and Scriben. Like now what I am doing.
And also sometimes I chat by writing on Bottled or HelloTalk.


How can we improve our reading skills? Of course, by reading... So, I usually read some news, etc. on the websites called, "newsinlevels" and "VOA Learning English". Also, sometimes I read books that are simple to read.


How can we improve our listening skills? Of course, by listening... So, I usually listen to some YouTube videos, and what I read has a sound player, I listen to them.


I usually speak with my cousins who know English and want to improve themselves in English every weekend and also sometimes I join free4talk... Also when I am alone with myself, I try to shadow (imitate) what I'm listening to.

Yeah, these are what I'm doing to improve myself in English. Do you have a question or any recommend? You can use the comment box below.