How Can I Think in English? How to Think in English

When I began to learn English, everyone said to me: "If you want to learn and speak quickly, you need to think in English, not your mother language." Then, I thought about it. How can I think in English?

I was reading something in English. And I was listening and watching something in English mostly on YouTube. What can I do more than that?

I tried to research on Google. And the first result was like that: "You need to live in a country that people speak English." But how? I have no money to live in another country. I need more basic things than that result.

I continued to research. The second result was like that: "Around of you have to be English words. Like your phone and computer languages has to be English." At first, it was a frightening thing for me, but I didn't care. I changed the settings of the language on my phone and computer.

But still, I needed more suggestions. When I continued to research, I found a few more suggestions.

These suggestions were like that; speak with yourself, record your voice, and whenever you want to take a note to try to write in English. And when you saw an object around you, do not think of its name in your mother language, think in English.

So all of that means, if you don't have the power to change your macro life, you need to change your micro life. And I think, yes, it's possible for everyone. We can change our micro lives, and we can think in English.

Let me tell this story of me. It's not easy to change the micro life quickly as well. For example, when I want to do something but my fears were not allowing me. But, I know, it's a process. I'm still trying what I learned about "to think in English". And I think, it works.